Son La’s Real Estate Report May 2022

Welcome back to “Son La Real Estate Newsletter”. This is a real estate information program of Sơn La market, broadcasting monthly. 

  • 8,100 billions investment under PPP contract for the expressway connecting Sơn La – Điện Biên – Tây Trang bordergate.  

Recently, in a written submission to the Government Office, the Ministry of Finance said that according to the plan, Son La – Dien Bien and Tay Trang border gate expressway is 200 km long with the scale of 4 lanes is expected to be invested in the period after 2030.

According to the proposal of Dien Bien People’s Committee, the first phase of the project witll be 50 km with a scale of 2 lanes (phase 2 completes the scale of 4 lanes), expected to be completed and put into operation in June 2026.

The route is 50 km long, including 45 km of the main line and 5 km of the connecting segment to National Highway 279 to ensure the operation and connection of development.

The total investment of the project is estimated at VND 8,177 billion excluding interest, of which, the construction cost is VND 5,900 billion; private equity is VND 1,269 billion; other mobilized capital is around VND 2,989 billion, expected to be mobilized from many sources such as bank loans, investors with related interests such as real estate, industrial parks, services … through the BCC cooperation contract.

Construction is expected to begin in December 2023 and be completed and put into operation in June 2026.

  • Son La and Huaphanh want to upgrade border crossings to boost trading & commerce

Within the framework of the official visit to Laos by National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue, in the afternoon of 16th May at Lao National Assembly House, Mr. Nguyen Huu Dong, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the National Assembly Delegation of Son La Province had a working session with Ms. Anphayvon Lombunpheng, Deputy Secretary, Chairman of the People’s Council of Huaphanh Province, Northern Laos.

The two parties informed each other of the socio-economic development situation and some outstanding achievements of the province in recent times, as well as the strategic orientation in the coming time.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Dong asked Huaphanh provincial leaders to report to Lao Government to have a resolution like the Vietnamese side on upgrading the construction of Pa Hang-Longxap border gate to international level, affirming that this is the best condition to promote trade exchange and people-to-people contact between the two provinces.

Regarding Mr. Nguyen Huu Dong’s proposal to upgrade the Pa Han-Longxap border gate into an international border gate, Deputy Secretary and Chairman of the People’s Council of Huaphanh province said Lao is currently preparing infrastructure conditions to upgrade the border gate.

  1. C69 – Continue to develop projects in Son La and Lai Chau provinces

On May 18, 2022, Construction Joint Stock Company 1369 (C69) was approved by Lai Chau People’s Committee to propose the survey, research, survey, and planning of projects in the province. 

This is considered as a premise for the development opportunities of enterprises in Lai Chau province, setting expectations for contributing to the development of infrastructure and urbanization of the province.

Accordingly, Construction Joint Stock Company 1369 is allowed to study and survey proposals for planning plans and funding for the planning of areas: Urban areas in Đông Phong ward and San Thàng commune, Lai Châu city; Sìn Hồ town tourist urban area; Than Uyên town urban area.

Through the actual survey process, C69 found that the above areas have the advantages of geographical location along with many development potentials, nature incentives, and are considered as key development areas of Lai Chau province and in the future. The company also pays special attention and appreciates the bright spots in attracting investors through policies, mechanisms to encourage investors to participate, flexible policies to support businesses to implement leading projects in the province.

  • Son La: Preventing and protecting water sources against the risk of degradation

 As a locality with rich water resources from 35 large streams, 2 large rivers are Đà River (280km long, 32 tributaries) and Mã River (90km long, 17 tributaries), over the years, Son La has implemented many practical solutions to improve the efficiency of water resource management and protection (TNN), meet the needs of and use of water sources for socio-economic development.

In order to ensure the prevention and minimization of negative impacts from production and living activities on water quality, the province has made public information related to the exploitation and use of TNN; results of the determination of 160 areas restricted from groundwater extraction; establishing a water protection corridor; to announce the sanitary protection zone of the domestic water collection area on the province’s website and list at the People’s Committees of districts and communes with rivers and streams within the protection zone. For hydroelectric projects, after organizing the consultation as prescribed, the project owners have publicized the information for 30 working days before starting construction and publicly listed the information at the headquarters of the Commune-level People’s Committee, at the construction site as prescribed.

According to the leader of Son La Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, in recent years, along with socio-economic development, the demand for water extraction and use in the province has increased, leading to an increase in the demand for wastewater discharge. Although, there has not been a situation where polluted and depleted water sources need to be restored, but some water sources flowing through urban areas, large populations are at risk of decline and pollution at some time of the year.

Son La province proposes the Government to amend the Water Resources Law soon to comply with the practical situation and the provisions of the current law. Strengthening resources for TNN management in the new situation, the focus is on resources for implementation, including funding, organizational apparatus and implementation capacity. To carry out statistics and inventory of TNN on a national scale, build a national TNN data bank. Soon put into operation the system of monitoring activities of exploitation, use and discharge into water sources, supervising the operation of the inter-reservoir system, maintaining the minimum flow of hydroelectric reservoirs… by automated technology, online.

  • Son La farmers expect the Government to create more “pushes” for agriculture to develop sustainably

Son La is maintaining and developing 235 safe agricultural and fishery supply chains; granting 183 fruit growing area codes with an area of more than 4,700 hectares exported to the market of 14 countries in the world, including fastidious markets such as Australia, Korea, Europe, USA … 

However, agricultural production often carries many risks and faces many challenges. Farmers, entrepreneurs, agricultural cooperatives in Son La expect the Government to solve the problems?

Besides the advantages and results achieved, agricultural production in Son La still faces many difficulties. The most obvious is that the consumption market and some key agricultural product price are not really stable, the agricultural products of many cooperatives have not yet entered the supply chain.

“Currently, the most difficulty is to consumption, the products of cooperatives are still difficult in terms of output, only sold to traders, so the price is not stable. We hope that the Government and all levels of industries will support the output and consumption of products for farmers” – Mr. Lo Van Phuong said.

Son La is striving to develop clean agriculture, high-tech agriculture. This requires the construction of production chains; close linkage of 6 houses includes: Farmer-The local authority -Entrepreneur-Banker-scientist and distributor. However, the forms of linkage in agricultural production are still loose and lack of constraints. Many limitations are remained, leading to the situation of farmers and cooperator having difficulty in finding scientists and mobilising loans.


  • Son La ready for OCOP Vietnam FRUIT & PRODUCTS Festival 2022

Son La province has selected more than 220 agricultural, forestry and fishery items of 12 districts and cities to participate in the OCOP Vietnam Fruit and Product Festival in 2022. 

There are more than 70 OCOP products, including: fresh agricultural products and processed agricultural products; beverages; products with finished products from medicinal plants, made from cotton, fibers, wood, bamboo rattan, metal, ceramics, textiles.

OCOP Vietnam Fruit and Product Festival 2022 will take place from 28th of May to the 1st of June. This is an opportunity to connect information and introduce to customers about the typical agricultural products of the province. 

At the same time, create conditions to support, introduce and connect to help Son La farmers consume fruit products. Currently, Son La province has carefully prepared the conditions, ensuring the event takes place successfully.