Bac Ninh ‘s Real Estate Report 04/2022

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  1. Used to be the center of “land fever”, the price increased 2-3 times, how is Bac Ninh real estate now?

In the period of 2020-2021, Bac Ninh is one of the focal points of land fever in the northern market.

Although there has been such a period of heat increase, but in the first months of 2022, this market continues to be vibrant because there are many factors that create momentum for development.

  1. A series of real estate projects in Bac Ninh were found to be in violation of planning

The Inspectorate of the Ministry of Construction has just announced the conclusion of the inspection of Bac Ninh People’s Committee for the state management of the construction sector in the fields of planning, implementation of planning, construction investment activities, real estate business activities in the period of 2016-2020… 

In particular, the planning work, the Ministry’s Inspectorate has examined and verified 10 construction planning projects approved by the People’s Committee of Bac Ninh province including: 1 general planning project, 1 general planning adjustment project, 7 zoning planning projects and 1 detailed planning adjustment project. Through the working process, the inspection agency detected many violations of the preparation, appraisal and approval of urban planning; organizations implementing the planning, the capacity of organizations and individuals to make planning projects.

  1. Feedback on bac Ninh province’s planning in the period of 2021-2030

On April 18, at the Northern Cultural Center, Bac Ninh City, Bac Ninh People’s Committee held a workshop to consult the Planning of Bac Ninh Province in the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050.

Chairman of The People’s Committee of Bac Ninh Province Nguyen Huong Giang emphasized that over the past years, the planning in Bac Ninh province has always been interested and organized, thereby making an important contribution to the cause of socio-economic development, ensuring national defense and security of the province.

Accordingly, the average growth rate in the period of 1997-2021 reached 13.9% per year; the size of the economy ranks 8th in the country; gross domestic product (GRDP) per capita reached VND 155.6 million, ranking 4th in the country; economic structure shifting towards industry and services.

4. Bac Ninh promotes the role of “3rd” rapid response team to support enterprises

The Chairman of Bac Ninh People’s Committee asked departments, branches and localities to continue promoting the role of the “3th” Rapid Response Team in receiving and resolving petitions, reflecting as well as receiving proposals and donations from enterprises.

In the afternoon of April 23, Bac Ninh province held a dialogue conference with 260 enterprises and cooperatives in 2022 with the theme “with aspirations, companionship and development”.

Speaking at the opening of the conference, Secretary of Bac Ninh Provincial Party Committee Dao Hong Lan said that in 2021, the whole province established more than 2,300 new enterprises; In the first 3 months of the year, 882 new businesses were established. Up to now, there are 20,828 enterprises in the province with a total registered charter capital of VND338,136 billion and 4,449 affiliated units.

  1. Bac Ninh: Unlocking gia Binh tourism potential

Gia Binh district defines tourism development as an important economic sector in the direction of professionalism, with a focus and focus; Gia Binh tourism branding is ecotourism, spirituality.

That is the assertion of Mr. Dang Dinh Mạch, Chairman of Gia Binh District People’s Committee. According to Mr. Mạch, in order to unlock the potential of tourism, Gia Binh focuses on two areas of strengths: historical relics and village space. This is the goal identified by Gia Binh district in the project of developing ecotourism and spiritual tourism in the period of 2020-2030.

  1. 175 projects worth more than $25 billion in Bac Ninh are about to be called for investment

The People’s Committee of Bac Ninh province has just decided to approve the list of projects attracting investment in Bac Ninh province in 2022, orientation in 2025.

Accordingly, the project portfolio consists of 175 projects (phase 1) with an area of about 7,644ha, total investment capital of about 25.3 billion USD.

Of these, there are 17 projects in the field of agriculture; 49 projects in the field of trade in services; 92 projects in the field of housing and urban areas; 7 social housing projects; 3 regional infrastructure projects, industrial clusters and 7 projects in the fields of sports, education, health, environment.

According to the area, Bac Ninh city has 37 projects; Tu Son city has 13 projects; Tien Du district 20 projects, Yen Phong 9 projects, Que Vo 30 projects, Thuan Thanh 21 projects, Gia Binh, 25 projects and Luong Tai district has 20 projects.

For housing projects, urban areas to attract investment on the basis of housing development programs and plans in Bac Ninh province approved by competent authorities.

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