Bac Ninh’s Real Estate Report February 2021

Welcome to Bac Ninh’s Real Estate Report February 2021. This will be a report to update real estate information in Bac Ninh market.


1. Bac Ninh Socio-Economic News


Overcoming difficulties due to COVID-19, Bac Ninh attracted more than 800 million USD of FDI

In 2020, with many advantages and policies to attract open investment, Bac Ninh province will still make a mark when attracting FDI capital up to more than 800 million USD.

With a policy mechanism with many innovations and innovations, Bac Ninh has attracted many investors from 37 countries and territories with advanced and modern industrial production such as Japan, Korea. , EU, US … investment. In which, the electronics industry is the spearhead.

In 2020, Bac Ninh province’s foreign investment attraction will reach more than 858.5 million USD, newly grant 132 FDI projects, with a total registered investment capital of 360 million USD, adjust capital for 92 projects with total capital increased 433 million USD. Up to now, in Bac Ninh province, there are 1,607 FDI projects licensed for investment (in effect), the total investment capital after adjustment is 19.77 billion USD; in which, there are 1,331 investment projects in the manufacturing and processing industry, concentrated in a number of countries, such as Korea, China, Japan.


2. Bac Ninh’s Real Estate Planning News

Bac Ninh auction land for housing project in Dinh Bang ward


The Tu Son Town Land Fund Development Center is choosing an asset auction organization to auction the land use rights of the Residential Construction Project of Dinh Bang Ward, Tu Son Town.

Specifically, the area to auction land use rights is 5,944.9 m2, located in a land area of ​​9,333 m2 at 1,2 Tran Phu street (from To Hien Thanh street to the end of Dinh Bang ward), Dinh Bang ward. . According to the plan, 5,944.9 m2 is divided into 49 residential land lots, the rest is green land area, traffic land. The starting price for the auction of land use rights is VND 150,119 billion. The time for property auction organizations to submit dossiers is January 28, 2021.


Bac Ninh’s Real Estate: New investment meeting point in real estate market

Currently, Bac Ninh has become one of the cities with the top economy in the country.

Not only has a favorable geographical location, Bac Ninh is also one of the top provinces in the country in terms of industrial production value. In the context of Covid’s translation, the world socio-economy fell into recession, Bac Ninh’s economy continued to grow non-stop. The scale of GRDP ranks 7th nationwide; Average GRDP per capita is 2.1 times higher than the national average. FDI has attracted up to 8.2 billion USD, accounting for 41.5% cumulative with many leading economic groups in the world such as Samsung, Foxconn, Canon, Nokia, Pepsico …

Despite all the convergence factors, real estate prices in Bac Ninh are still at a very low level. Prices recorded in Tu Son town, but real estate prices are very low. In the central streets of Tu Son Town, street land prices are only from 60 million / m2. This is a very low price that is said to be only 1/3 of the actual value.


Once towering, the rental price of Bac Ninh apartment dropped sharply

The Covid-19 epidemic appeared and complicated developments, affecting the force of foreign experts who came to work and live in Vietnam in general and Bac Ninh in particular fell sharply, causing apartment rents here. decreased significantly.

Typically, the current rental price of 3-bedroom apartments in Cat Tuong only ranges from 13-15 million / month, especially there are apartments with rent only 10 million / month. With 2-bedroom apartments, the rental price is currently 7-9 million VND / month. Apartment for rent in Viglacera apartment is only 6-7 million VND / month. At Royal Park, the price of 1-bedroom apartment is only 7-8 million VND / month, 2 bedrooms are 9-11 million VND / month, 3-bedroom apartments are popular from 13-15 million / month.


Bac Ninh asked the Ministry of Construction “special” to let Dai An Company sell land to people to build houses by themselves

Bac Ninh Provincial People’s Committee has sent a document to the Ministry of Construction to allow Dai An Co., Ltd. to transfer land use rights to people to build houses by themselves for residential land plots with no frontage adjacent to the road. TL277.

Currently, the project has implemented the construction of a number of technical infrastructure works according to the detailed planning and approved project.
Therefore, the People’s Committee of Bac Ninh province has asked the Ministry of Construction to allow Dai An Company to transfer land use rights to people to build houses by themselves for land plots with no frontage adjacent to the TL277 road. Including 821 lots, of which project BT-1 is 189 lots, project BT-2 is 285 lots, and project auctioned is 347 lots.


Tu Son Real Estate before coming to the city

According to the survey, the current price level at Tu Son has increased by 40% compared to the beginning of 2020. For example, a number of projects on the routes such as: Ly Thai To, Nguyen Phi Ỷ Thailand at the beginning of 2020 The average price is 40-45 million / m2, now the price is from 55-60 million / m2. The frontage of main business axes such as Le Quang Dao, Tran Phu, Ly Thai To in early 2020 has an average price of 70 – 80 million / m2, now it has increased to 100 – 110 million / m2.

Despite the strong growth in prices, Tu Son is still recording the lowest price level compared to the areas in the center of the capital region. Compared with contiguous areas such as Long Bien, which have a price of 90 – 120 million, Tu Son has a price of only 1/2, from 40-60 million / m2. New urban areas such as VSIP is only 1/3, from 30-40 million / m2. Experts say, this is a golden time for investors to welcome the opportunity to increase prices in the near future, because when Tu Son officially goes up city, real estate prices will rise and set a new price level.


Bac Ninh assigns Him Lam company to plan a 45-storey twin tower

Bac Ninh Provincial People’s Committee has just issued Document No. 50 on approving the detailed planning task of a mixed-use building of a commercial center, office, hotel, apartment for sale on the 6-way round island, Ly Thai To street, City. . Bac Ninh. Area of ​​planning area 9,206.1m2, population size: Maximum 2,000 people. The work includes the base block and 02 towers with a maximum height of 45 floors (including technical floors, attic floors, evacuation floors), of which the base block is 05 floors high (not including basements).
Bac Ninh Provincial People’s Committee assigns Him Lam Joint Stock Company – Bac Ninh branch to organize the planning. The time for elaboration of a detailed planning project shall not exceed 6 months from the date the planning tasks are approved.