Bac Ninh’s Real Estate Report December 2020



1. Bac Ninh Socio-Economic News


Checking the facilities for SEA Games 31 competition in Bac Ninh

Bac Ninh province is home to tennis, boxing, kickboxing and handball. It is expected that in early 2021, Bac Ninh province will put into use the volleyball practice house to serve all sports competition at the 31st SEA Games.
Tennis is invested and built in the form of socialization invested by Hanaka Group Joint Stock Company. Accordingly, the Hanaka Sports and Service Center is invested with an area of ​​10 hectares, including 6 outdoor tennis courts, 1 indoor tennis court, with a capacity of nearly 3,000 seats and auxiliary works. support. Accordingly, Hanaka Group needs to construct the Sports and Service Center area to ensure the proper progress, especially the tennis courts and support works.


Hanaka Group proposes to support the construction of venues for the 31st SEA Games tennis game

The 31st Southeast Asian Games (31st SEA Games) and the 11th Southeast Asian Games (ASEAN Para Games 11) in 2021 will be held in Vietnam. Hanaka Group has proposed to support and build a venue for the 31st SEA Games tennis game in Hanaka Urban – Industrial Service Area in Tu Son town, Bac Ninh province.
Hanaka Group has prepared all the conditions, construction units, mobilized all resources, confirmed by the reality of financial investment, meeting premises, facilities, space, large area, for the organization of tennis competitions in the urban area -Hanaka Industrial Services.


Sri Lanka to explore investment opportunities in Bac Ninh

On November 27, in Bac Ninh city, Vice Chairman of Bac Ninh Provincial People’s Committee Vuong Quoc Tuan received and worked with the delegation of Sri Lanka Embassy in Vietnam led by Ambassador Prasanna Gamage.

In the meeting, affirming the good friendship between Sri Lanka and Vietnam, Ambassador Prasanna Gamage pledged that he will be a bridge for Sri Lankan businesses to come to Bac Ninh to explore investment and trade opportunities. in the fields of economics, health, education and cultural exchange.


Bac Ninh accelerates the site clearance progress of the National Highway 1 project, from Hanoi to Bac Giang

Up to this point, the ground clearance work of the frontage road items in Tien Du district and Tu Son town has been basically completed. Currently, there is only 01 household with an area of ​​59 square meters in Tu Son town. In Bac Ninh city, there is still 2.4km of un-handed over ground in the area: Khac Niem Ward 197.5m; Vu Ninh ward 783.2m; Vo Cuong ward 82.1m; Dai Phuc ward 1,540.5m.
Bac Ninh province also requires investors to coordinate with Bac Ninh city, Tu Son town to support the rights of people in site clearance work. For the completed sections, coordinate with the Department of Transport to have a diversion plan and put into operation.


To build Yen Phong into an industrial production capital

With the planning goal is to build Yen Phong urban area meeting grade-IV urban criteria, as a basis for establishing towns before 2025. Yen Phong urban is also oriented to meet urban criteria of grade III towards meeting district standards when Bac Ninh province becomes a city directly under the Central Government.
Accordingly, the urban area of ​​Yen Phong has just been adjusted from 2,717 ha to 9,694 ha, expanding 3.5 times higher than before. According to the set target, along with the decision to adjust the cadastral boundary of Yen Phong district, the spatial connection and technical infrastructure to the areas inside and outside the province, Yen Phong’s population by 2025 is forecasted. will be about 225,000 – 255,000 people, by 2035 it will be about 300,000 – 320,000 people, a sharp increase compared to 192,647 people in April 2019.


Bac Ninh develops social housing

Statistics from the Department of Construction of Bac Ninh province, currently has 21 housing projects for workers with the scale of more than 105 hectares; meeting accommodation for nearly 126 thousand workers. In which, 7 projects have had works put into use, 5 projects are implementing investment and 9 projects are completing construction investment procedures. For low-income housing, Bac Ninh has 26 projects with an area of ​​about 42 hectares, including 12 thousand apartments, meeting accommodation for about 48 thousand people. In which, 13 projects have been put into use with nearly 7,800 houses, accommodating more than 34,000 people, 7 projects are under construction and six projects are completing construction investment procedures.

Regarding policies to support investment projects to build social houses, according to Deputy Director of Department of Construction Nguyen Tuan Dung, when implementing construction of social housing, investors will be supported by 50% by the State. investment costs in the construction of technical infrastructure in the fence of the project and is supported 100% of the cost of compensation and other costs in site clearance.

2. Real Estate News


Bac Ninh: Comprehensive inspection of the Vuon Sen urban area project

Bac Ninh Provincial People’s Committee issued the decision to comprehensively inspect the implementation of the project to build sports zones, schools, public works, urban areas in Dong Ky ward, Tu Son town (trade name Garden urban area Sen) is invested by Nam Hong Company. Inspection content: Inspecting the observance of legal regulations on the management and use of land, management of capital construction investment, planning, land use plans, construction results and business project joint venture, joint venture, partnership, project development cooperation, fire prevention and fighting, environmental protection, fulfillment of financial obligations to the state budget and other law provisions on trading in residential land, housing.

Inspections will be conducted from the project implementation to the present. The inspection team is headed by Mr. Nguyen Nhan Binh, the provincial deputy chief inspector.