Starlake, West of West Lake – Korean style living space

Starlake apartment complex is designed and built in the style of Korean architecture with many high-class facilities and green space.

Starlake urban area was built and developed by Daewoo E&C Group with the expectation to bring up-class life experience for residents. According to the representative of the investor, right from the launch, the project attracted many customers and investors by possessing many advantages of location, utility and living space of Korean quality.

Benefit from synchronous infrastructure

According to the General Plan of Hanoi Capital to 2030 and vision to 2050, the West Lake West area is the center of trade, finance, international trade (10-15 hectares) and is the new cultural center of Hanoi City.

In addition to its prime location, real estate in Tay Ho Tay area also enjoys the advantage of synchronous infrastructure, making it convenient for connecting traffic to the city center, Noi Bai international airport and provinces Northern area.

Many experts assess that the implementation of Metro Line 2 project going through Nguyen Van Huyen Street will bring potential opportunities for investors.

In the first phase, 364 single, duplex and semi-detached villas with the area from 132 to 400m2 were completed and put into use. The villas are surrounded by a 4.5-hectare air-conditioned lake with many utilities.

High-class living space on the West Lake

The objective is to build an all-in-one utility urban area, a high-class apartment complex Starlake consisting of 603 luxury apartments from two to four bedrooms with the area from 91.25m2 to 288.13m2. Daewoo E&C designs and builds the apartments here to optimize light and wind convection.

The apartments are equipped luxurious furniture with typical Korean style to bring high investment value. The space inside the apartments is designed according to the LDK standard from Korea connecting the living room – dining room – kitchen with full furniture such as shoe cabinet, kitchen cabinet, decorative cabinet… creating air cozy for the family.

The ceiling height of the apartment is designed by the investor from 2.7 to 2.9m to suit the hot and humid climate in Hanoi. Apartment two-way air conditioning system (no dust, noise and easy maintenance of pipes); energy-saving PVC window frames; furniture (shoe cabinet, warehouse, insect net, smart drying rigs …).

Construction density accounts for 31.2% in the 2.5ha campus, high-class apartment complex Starlake provides 5-star utility chains including 4-season heated swimming pool, indoor golf course, gym and fitness, green parks, amusement parks, roller skates, outdoor yoga, tennis, football, basketball … Besides, the project has a density of 3-4 elevators on one floor with 5 – 9 apartments, average density of 1.5 parking position per family.

In addition, the overall project has up to 25 grade A and 8 office buildings of the Government. “Starlake is one of the few projects with high-profit potential due to a large number of foreign guests willing to pay at least USD 1,000 per 2 bedroom apartment per month, depending on the location”, representative of the owner investment said.