“Golden land” West of West Lake: Which project should you choose?

In a series of projects that are competing in West of West Lake area, Sunshine City is the most prominent project with an investment of up to 5,000 billion VND, the project is located along the Red River, in Nam Thang Long urban area, adjacent to the Ciputra golf course to meet the criteria for living as well as investment.

Transport infrastructure – a direct “push” of housing prices

Owning the arterial position, increasingly synchronous planning transportation system, Tay Ho Tay is holding the key to the sustainable development of one of the expensive areas in Hanoi.

A series of transport works from all directions upgrade and expand such as Vo Chi Cong street, Hoang Quoc Viet street, Metro No. 2, Nhat Tan bridge, Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway connecting to the city center, Noi Bai international airport and the northern provinces.

In particular, Pham Van Dong route with a total investment of VND 3,113 billion is included in the Ring Road 3 project, Mai Dich section – Thang Long bridge is expected to operate in two ways with 12 lanes after completion not only contributing to solving traffic congestion at the present Nguyen Hoang Ton route but also creating a convenient connection between West Ho Tay and the western area of the city.

According to the planning of Nam Thang Long urban area, phase 2, there is also an inter-regional road with a length of 40m connecting belt 2 and belt 3 combined with relocation of agencies and departments to show determination of City Hanoi wants to accelerate infrastructure development of Tay Ho area to become a new administrative center by 2030, with a vision of 2050.

The development of transport infrastructure has contributed to changing the face of West of West Lake area, accompanied by a series of attractive financial, commercial, banking, entertainment, educational and medical facilities. quality; parks, regulating lakes… continuously established, further promoting the value of real estate in West of West Lake area.

This area also enjoys the entire circuit of the land with Red River flowing through the East bank, and there is West Lake like the pearl of the prosperous air.

This feng shui factor helps to optimize the internal architectural design, creating the prominence for projects located here. Since then it pushes up land prices, good liquidity attracted customers to buy in and be welcomed by investors.

Sunshine City converges golden elements

Sunshine City is a project with a prime location in Hanoi that benefits the most from transport infrastructure planning in Tay Ho Tay area – converging golden elements in a product that few places can afford when the land fund Hanoi becomes scarce and limited.

Located on a block of diamond land in Nam Thang Long area surrounded by Red River, West Lake, Nhat Tan Bridge and near Pham Van Dong Road along the Avenue connecting Noi Bai International Airport with the city center.

Besides, Sunshine City’s outstanding potential is also confirmed when it is located in the planned Nam Thang Long international urban complex with a wide view towards Ciputra golf course, thus fully inheriting the green together with 40 5-star facilities such as entertainment area, health care area, supermarket, internal landscape, hanging garden, park right under Vietinbank financial tower – financial and commercial symbol Hanoi’s future.

At the same time, this is also the focus area of experts, foreigners from Japan, Korea or European countries living with high-class items such as helicopter parking, three basements, aerial walks, infinity pools… give owners the quality of life, ecological balance that no project has.

In addition to the rare position, synchronous infrastructure, Sunshine City is highly appreciated by professional investors as a perfect real estate product with six high-class apartment buildings and nearly 100 apartments adjacent to the commercial house. It is equipped with luxurious imported furniture, integrating modern 4.0 technology applications into project operation and management.

Combining all the above advantages, however, Sunshine City has a very reasonable price. Customers also receive preferential policies and gifts from investors as customers who buy Sunshine City apartments during this time will receive free management services for 3 years.

Sunshine City is not only a wish of those who want to find a safe place, but long-term investors also consider this area a wise choice to maximize profitability.